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Rear Projection Film


DeFi are creators and suppliers of innovative Audio-Visual Effects such as Interactive Floor /Wall Projection System. Now we have new and old clients from more than 110 different countires.

DeFi Interactive floor/wall system is highly captivates and engages target audiences in advertising, wedding, retail environments, trade shows, museums, lobbies, open spaces, playgrounds and visitor centers.




Rear Projection Screen film

The High Contrast foil rear projection filmis a rear projection screen which is very thin and flexible. The foil comes with a self-adhesive layer, making it very easy to attach to acrylic or glass, alternatively, for a removable option, the foil can be applied to acrylic or glass with double sided tape.

As the foil is flexible, it can be shipped in a postal tube which reduces costs and delivery time considerably.


We supply a large range of projectors from as little as 1,100 up to 30,000 lumens which can be used with our interactive and screen products.
  interactive floor projectionInteractive Wall System ( Support WIN XP/7/8/10 OS 32 bit and 64 bit  ) is unusual, exciting, and modern. It not only exists in real time, but in a unique way can create and send powerful messages by way of playing, brand re-enforcement and establishing corporate identity.
Each effect is completely configurable, you can insert your own backgrounds, logos, images, sounds, settings etc. very easily using built in configuration dialogues that are extremely easy to use. This enables you to create an unlimited number of unique effects as well as having an unlimited amount of different advertisers on one wall.

Industrial cameraHologram LED 3D Display Diameter: 42cm.

Content: MP4,  Avi, Rmvb,  GIF, JPG.

3D Effect Format: MP4 or GIF with black background.

Installation: mounted on wall.

Application: indoor advertising for shop, bar, casino, restaurant etc.


PDLC Switchable Film


Holographic Reflection Film


Switchable Film/Glass, Privacy Film/Glass, Smart Film/Glass
PDLC, Liquid Crystal Film/Glass

The above names indicate same material.  We supply both Naked Film type and Laminated Glass type.

 This Switchable Film/Glass is widely applying for Interior glass, privacy applications.

Especially, it is using for Rear Screen as well.


DEFI Holographic Reflection FilmDEFI Holographic Reflection Film is 3.3m/3m/8m width and 30m length. the length is optional.

Hologram Staging for Advertising&Events

Place available: 

-Stage, Advertising&Events, Retail,Product Launch, Exhibition,Concert,Conference, Fashion Show...

 Holographic Reflection Film  is a high definition 3D holographic video projection system creating life-size holograms to magically appear within a live stage.


Rear Projection Screen DEFI Touch foil is completely transparent and can be laminated onto glass.  

We have 10 pointsand 40 points version touch foil now!

MOQ is 1 pcs, more quantity, more discount!


Industrial cameraMULTI-TOUCH G5 SERIES
4K Touch Fidelity Breakthrough
Outdoor Full-Angle Anti-Sunlight
250 FPS, Lightning Speed
HID Support
USB Powered


3D Hologram Display


全息展柜This holo film is suitable for 180 degrees, 270 degrees, 360 degrees showcase.
The holographic reflective film by invasive adhesive layer, hard processing layer, antistatic, easy to stick on the glass and transparent acrylic plate with water.Using a wide range, wide 1524 mm, length of 50 meters. Can be arbitrary cut! A large number of wholesale and retail, welcome to inquiry!

The customer who cannot separate the holographic reflective film , please use sticky tape at the corner of the film ,more than the film, then use nails scraping protective layer.

  Double-side 3D Holographic DisplayDEFI Holo Showcase is a fully integrated 3D holographic platform that combines the most advanced image processing technologies with a modern showcase. This enables product focused and makes it look like never before.  

5000 lumens 2013 brand new portable full HD 1080p 3 shuter dlp projector,Overhead 3D short thow projector with the lowest price ...


DLP Link shutter 3D projector
short throw dlp 3D projector
1024x768pixels&15000:1 contrast
5000 lumens& 300inch big screen

  andrpid tablet in meTablet PC: android 4.4 OS, 16G internal
Storage, Battery play time: projector of 5
hours and panel of 10 hours. Projector
size: recommend 20-100inch, lumen less
than 100lm@3W, contrast is 1000:01:00.
LED life of 20000 hours.

Finger Portable Interactive Whiteboard


Portable interactive whiteboards


Finger 10 points Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Our Interactive Whiteboard Board is the first portable Interactive Whiteboard that supports finger touch in
the world market. It can work with any projectors or LCD screen and turn the projection screen or LCD
screen into finger touchable. Key features: portable and finger touch; detect any non- transparent objects;
work on any flat surfaces, no limited on the material; active sizes range from 40”-100’’; can work with
common board and save the record of both mark pen and finger writing.


  Rear Projection Screen

Portable interactive whiteboards are available for presentations on the move.You then connect the device to your laptop or desktop computer, make your notes or drawings on the whiteboard and download them onto your computer to save, print, fax or email them.Working with the extendable pointer E-Pen (Electronic pen) or stylus E-pen, you and your students can explore internet websites, build interactive flipcharts and create more opportunities for discussions and interaction in the classroom. 


Portable Folded Front Projection Screen Fabric




EBOOK-12.jpgFactory sales!  HD Projector Screen Portable Folded Front Projection Screen Fabric with Eyelets without Frame


* Material: Canvas
* Format: 16:9 or 4:3 format
* rear screen with black borders or hole
* high brightness

* can fold


electric projection screen / Motorized Screen

 1.Wall or ceiling mounted.

2.OEM and customize are available.

3.Manual control, IR or RF remote control. 

4.Height adjustable, stopping at any height.


Portable Floor Projection Screen


Manual Projection Screen



Portable Floor Screen/Floor Stand Screen

Material: matt white
2)Size:  60"-100"
3)Viewing Area:60×80inch(152×203cm)
5)Size:OEM or ODM,60"-100"
6)Oder:according to your size order

Manual Projection Screen

Material: matt white
2)Size:  60"-100"
3)Viewing Area:60×80inch(152×203cm)
5)Size:OEM or ODM,60"-100"
6)Oder:according to your size order



Tripod Portable Projection Screen


Tripod Portable Projection Screen



Tripod Portable Projection Screen

Material: matt white
2)Size:  72"-120"
3)Viewing Area:60×80inch(152×203cm)
5)Size:OEM or ODM,72"-120"
6)Oder:according to your size order


fast fold projection screen with best price to abroad

  3d folding projector screen for Outdoor Large Concerts, Exhibitions, Cinema

 1. Aluminium casing with wheels 

2. Foldable type, easy to install and carry 


Projected Capacitive Touch Panel


EBOOK-12.jpgDEFI Projected Capacitive Touch Panel 

it is a Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

 with USB interface to support 

and compatible with WIN7/10  O/S for 

10points touch application.




Features: printer bluetooth

1. Pring life:50KM

 2. Printing Command: ESC/POS;

 3. Power: 2000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery;

 4. Support android and windows 

 5. Support any language

 6. Bluetooth 

 7. Easy paper loading

 8. Good quality with competitive cheap price.

 9. Supermarket/Shop bill printer


Some Visiting Clients Show:

Jose from Mexico
Polezhay Maxim from Russia

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