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Interactive Projector (Short-throw)Interactive Projector (Short-throw) can make any projection screen (even the wall) into an Interactive Whiteboard. It also can realize Multi-writing function. It built-in CMOS camera detects IR interruption so that you can use your e-pen or e-pointer to manipulate text, data or images. Capture, modify, save or email anything that’s visible on any screen (even the wall). Write notes, circle key points, type changes into documents–all in real time.


Standard Accessories:       

A to B USB Cable
Fixing Stand
Software CD



One-time Calibrating
     Server program can record the data of the first calibration, so you don’t need to recalibrate when you start all equipments next time. (Projector and portable IWB receiver haven't been moved)

Smooth Handwriting
Adopting special smoothing algorithm, the writing is more
beatutiful and smooth.

¨ Multi-writing Function
It could achieve 64 peoples writing on a screen at the same
This function can let teachers and students interactive well.

¨ Support Finger Touch Module
     Adding a finger touch module, the short-throw model could be
extended to finger touch, no need to use electronic pen or
Finger touch is main stream in the market.

¨ New Design E-pen

Chargable: USB supply power directly.

Laser remote writing: When the teacher wants to be in the
interaction with the students, he could operate the screen
anywhere in the class.

     Mouse function: left click, right click and click twice, can
remote control the PC.

Two kinds of switch: Touch and button, make sure the 
drawing smooth and fluency.

¨Support Linux
Support Linux Ubuntu 10.10


¨ The USB cable could be extended to
     If the standard 6m USB Cable couldn’t meet your
requirement in the classroom, you could use our special
signal amplifier to extend
the USB from 6m to 24m.

You could install the equipment conveniently and wiring



Dimensions(W x H x D)

345mm X 93.5mm X 306.2mm

Net weight


Native Resolution

1024 x 768

Display technology



3500 ANSI lumens

Contrast Ration



230W NHS

Lamp life

4000 Hrs(ECO), 3000 Hrs(Normal)

Projection Method

Ceiling, Front, Rear

Power Consumption


OSD Languages

Multi language(English, German, Spanish, Portuguese)

Feet adjustment



Video Input

Jack RCA Type x 1


Mini DIN 4 pin x 1

Audio Input Jacks

RCA Type x 2

Computer 1/Computer 2 Audio Input

Jacks Mini Jack (stereo) x 2

Computer In 1/Component Input  

Terminal Mini D-sub 15 pin x 1

Computer In 2/Monitor Output

Terminal Mini D-sub 15 pin x 1

Control Port Connector

D-sub 9 pin x 1

Audio Output Jack

Mini Jack (stereo) x 1 (variable)

LAN Connection Terminal 

100 Base-TX (100Mbps)/10 Base-T (10Mbps), RJ45

Interactive function

Movement Detection Technology


Active Area(max projection size)

150 inch diagonal

Active Area(horizontal angle)

33+/- 2 degrees

Active Area(vertical angle)

0-30 degrees

Calibration Technology

Infrared Positioning

Active Distance(from projection screen)

0.3-2 m

Connectivity Interface

1 x USB Cable (connection distance up to 24 m)

Power Requirement

DC 5V (from USB port)

Power Consumption

< 1.5 W


Movement Detection Technology

LED light

Power requirement

3V CR 123A x1

Pen Body Dimension

13.2cm(length); 2cm(diameter)


60g(with battery)

Extendable E-pointer

Movement Detection Technology

LED light

Control buttons

1 button(left and right click of a mouse)

Power requirement

3V CR 123A x1



Extendable length

39cm-83cm(length); 1cm(diameter)

Interactive Projector (Short-throw)



Interactive Projector (Short-throw)

Interactive Projector (Short-throw)



1. When you open the sever program, the screen displays a word “please insert the portable interactive whiteboard”.
--The USB cable is not connected.
--Change a USB port.
--The USB cable is broken and you need to change a USB cable.

2. When you open the server program, the icon in the right corner is gray.
--Change a USB port.
--The USB cable is broken and thus you need to change a USB cable.
--If the signal amplifier is connected, please check the signal amplifier’s two terminals. One terminal must be connected with the computer, the other one must be connected with the receiver.

3. When you are calibrating, the calibration cross didn’t disappear after clicked.
--The signal has been blocked, so the signal receiver can’t get the signal.

4. The pen can not be used.
--The battery is on backward.
--The signal has been blocked during the usage.
--The battery has been run out of.

5. The stylus can not work.
--You did not press the button on the stylus.
--The battery is on backward.
--The battery has been run off.



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