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Portable Projector with built-in 2GB flash memory

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Portable Projector inquiry

Display Any Time, Any Where

Excellent for Home Theatre, Business Meeting, Educational Teaching, Training, Entertainment, etc.


Can be widely used with computer for business meeting, with portable hard drive for training & educational teaching & home theatre, with DV & camera for sharing fun, with DVD player for providing image, with IPTV SetTop Box for TV image, with playstation for large screen while playing games, etc.

OEM & ODM are welcome.

Short Throw Projector ACTO LX645W





1: Luminous Technology: Lcos-LCD with LED peak brightness of 30 ansi lumens

2: Resolution: 800*600

3: Aspect Ratio: 4:3

4: Image Size: 5-80 inches with effectively clear image

5: Focus: Manual focus

6: Build-in 2GB flash memory, can support extra 8G Card

7: Build-in sound speaker

8: With remote control for easy operation, 2000mah Li-ion battery for convenient display

9: Size & Weight: 110*60*26mm, 210g

10: Interface: AV/S-Video/VGA/TV/Computer/DVD/Speaker


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Portable Projector inquiry
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