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Popular Series Outdoor Led Panel inquiry

More flexible, more vivid, more environmental, more convenient and more energy saving...

It's our external advertising led display.

1.Working at low voltage with low consumption, high efficiency. Easy to install and great reliability.

2.It's eco-friendly with soft light free of UV and infrared radiation.


The external advertising led display is usually used in Supermarkets, Exhibition centers, stadiums, cinema, side of freeway etc.


led outdoor panels
1.Dot correction
2.Dust resistance
3.Life span>100000hrs
4.2 years quality guarantee

hot promotion led outdoor panels

1. led outdoor panels structure:


2. led outdoor panels control system diagram:

3. led outdoor panels features:


4. led outdoor panels specifications:

Best Viewing Distance for Outdoor Display:



Technical Specification





Pixel pitch:  16mm

Pixel configuration: 2R1G1B

Brightness:   Red: 1000mcd   Green: 2300mcd   Blue: 600mcd           

Wave length:  Red: 625±2nm  Green: 525±2nm  Blue: 470±2nm

Module resolution:  16×8 pixels



Module size:  256mmx128mm

Cabinet size:  1024mm×768mm×150mm





Cabinet resolution: 3072 pixels

Cabinet material: Steel

Gross weight: 55kg

Module quantity: 32pcs= 4(w) x 8(h)

Power consumption : Max.:1000W/m²    Everage: 600W/m²



Screen parameter

Drive method: static

Brightness: 8000cd/m²

IC driver: MBI 5026

Density: 3906 pixel/m²

Whole display flatness: ≤ 1mm juncture

Best view distance: ≥ 16m 

Viewing angle:  Horizontal:   120°       Vertical:  60°

Humidity(RH): ≤ 90~95%

Working temperature: from -30°C to +60°C

Working voltage: AC220V/110V±10%

Refresh frequency:  2400Hz(Zdec)  ≥ 300Hz(Linsn)

Frame rate: ≥ 60Hz

Protection grade: IP64

MTBF: More than 10000hrs

Life time: 100,000 hrs



Control system

Control system: Linsn

Signal interface: DVI

Communication distance: Internet cable: ≤120m / Fiber cable: 1000m

Systems operating platforms : XP,WINDOWS(WIN95,WIN98,WIN2000)

5.led outdoor panels packing:

Carton and wood packing are free, will charge for the flight case packing according to the cost.


mutil-line led message display on the road side

P10 Outdoor Led Display

outdoor advertising led sign screen

outdoor advertising led sign screen


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full color led display screen p20

full color outdoor p16 led display

full color outdoor p16 led display


P25 Outdoor Led Display

P25 Outdoor Led Display

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P20 Outdoor Led Display


P16 Outdoor Led Display

P16 Outdoor Led Display

P12 Outdoor Led Display

P12 Outdoor Led Display


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Popular Series Outdoor Led Panel inquiry
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