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For Christmas promotion, we will supply our interactive EBOOK system with $600 in November and December , 2012 !!!

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An unusual and exciting product that combines all the fun elements of dancing flames, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, blooming flowers and visual auras with the element of surprise, into one single system.

The Interactive EBOOK System is unusual, exciting, and modern. It not only exists in real time, but in a unique way can create and send powerful messages by way of advertising, brand re-enforcement and establishing corporate identity.

The effect is completely configurable, you can insert your own backgrounds, logos, videos, sounds, settings etc. very easily using built in configuration dialogues that are extremely easy to use. This enables you to create an unlimited number of unique effects as well as having an unlimited amount of different advertisers on one table.
We can also custom design your own programs, the possibilities are endless.


- Shopping Centres
- Shops
- Parties
- Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
- Corporate Events
- Discotheques / Night Clubs
- Children´s Entertainment
- Seminars
- Award Ceremonies
- Product Launches
- Advertising
- Company Reception Areas



Interactive EBOOK System all in one Version:

System Contains of the advanced version:

                  -Interactive Floor/Wall Software + 30 templates
                  -Customized Mounting Bracket 
                  -PC Sever(NV GT520)
                  -Projector (Casio 3000 lumen and 20,000 hours lifetime lamp)
                  -Customized IR Camera&Bracket
                  -BNC Cables
                  -USB Capture Card
                  -USB Dongle
                  -Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
                  -Carton Package

Interactive EBOOK System Basic Version:

- Interactive floor/wall software disk
- 30 Interactive effects
- USB Dongle
- USB IR Camera
- USB Cables for IR Camera

Interactive Floor System Basic Version Requirement:

- PC
- Projector





EBOOK Basic Version price is $1000 including shipping cost
- Interactive floor/wall software disk
- 40 Interactive effects
- USB Dongle
- USB Camera with IR and Bracket
USB Cables  for IR Camera  

System Requirements   

1) Projector (prepared by client)

We generally recommend 3000 lumens projector. Of course according to interior situation, we can choose a low dark lumen projector. If the surrounding light is too strong we then need for higher lumen projector.

2) Computer (prepared by client)  

We generally recommend dual-core processor in mainframe computer, it deals with faster image analysis and provides support.  

We recommend high-end graphics cards in Nvidia series in order to make full use of Directx 3D acceleration function.

The following is a recommended configuration:
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 or higher
Memory 2G
Hard drive 160G
Nvidia 7900GS graphics card or higher
Keyboard and mouse suit'
We generally recommend 3000 lumens projector. Of course according to interior
situation, we can choose a low dark lumen projector. If the surrounding light is too
strong we then need 3000 or higher lumen projector.








  DEFI Buyer area

DEFI Buyer country

Q 1, while boot, or changing effects do you project your logo? and can I replace it to mine?
A: To make sure clients can make good business with our interactive EBOOK system, All the effects have not our logo. Our company name just display on the main interface of Schedule-Manager, when you run the effects, people can not see it.

Q 2, can I change eg the number of moving objects? the speed of them? the size of them?
A: You can replace background image and sound by yourself, it's easy to operate. And some effects moving objects, speed also can be changed. The size canot change.

Q 3, when creating a new app, want to try it, can I try it on the pc screen with the mouse, or have to turn on the projector and try it in live?
A: You can add your own flash or 3D effect as .swf or .exe format and run it in our interactive system, you can try it with mouse in advance, no problem.

Q 4, do I have to do the app developing on the pc, or can I do it on my notebook also, and when it is ready, copy it to the pc which operates the projector?
A: You can run our system on PC or Notebook, just make sure  3D graphic card is necessary becuase there are several 3D effects in our system. You need to use remote controler to operate the projector and our effects can be run one by one automatically.

Q5, while the system is working for me on an event, I want to work in my office, develop the new app for the next customer is it possible?
A: Yes,  you can set all the effects run automatically in advanice from the ‘play’ menu.

Q 6, what kind of projector included? will I able to buy spare lamp to  that?
A: You need to prepare PC and projector local, the projector, we recommend 3000 lumen or better, normally we use SANYO PLC XU 106  4500lumen projector to display our system.

Basic Version EBOOK price is $600 including shipping cost
- Interactive floor/wall software disk
- EBOOK  effects
- USB Dongle
- USB Camera with IR and Bracket
USB Cables  for IR Camera 

Q 7, is the projector suitable for direct down projection to the floor?
A: Yes, please kindly check interactive system with Projector from the attachment. our system can be installed on the floor and wall, you can see the structure in our user manual.

Q 8, is the provided pc small enough to place into the bracket just beside the projector and camera?
A: We don't supply all in one version by far. But we are planing to produce that version in the near future.

Q 9, how many effects, apps will I get?
A: We supply 34 effects to you and if you have flash games or 3D effects, you can add them on our system to run, no problem.

Q 10, do you have games for kids? effects
A: Yes, there are some interactive games for kids including 40 effects.

Q 11, what about multi projection?
A: our system just support 1 projector, if you want to make large projection, I suggest you prepare high lumen porjector and install it on the high ceiling or make a wide lens for projector.

Q 12, what about the distributor system? do you need somebody here?
A: We don't have distributor and we welcome you to be our distributor local  Also if you want to resell our system, we can OEM that replace our company name with yours that to help you make large business.  We will give you full support.

Q 13, can you send me video samples of the effects?
A: You can check some effects' videos from our website ' defi-interactive-projection ' dot ' com '

Q 14, can you send me the operating manual in order to get better understanding of the system work?
A: The attched is the user manual, please kindly check it at your free time.

Q 15, do you offer floor stand to hang it on?
A: We just supply the necessary software and hardware, the brackets please kindly prepare it local.

Q 16,  will I have a wireless keyboard to turn it off?
A: We recommend you choose wireless keyboard to turn it off, but we will develop new founction that we can control with your cell phone in the future, we will send you updated software when we finish it. our software warrenty is free for lifetime, hardware is 1 year.

Q 17, do we have changing commercial ads beside the effect such as the football game?
A: Yes, you can commercial ads content to the background image.

Q 18, can I simulate the applications on computer, I mean simulating the man walk by the mouse moved cursor?
A: Yes you can simulate the applications on computer with normal camera, no problem.

Q 19, what is the delivery time?
A: Normally we need 1 to 2 working days to prepare the system after receiving your payment, and it will takes about 4 to 5 working days by DHL/FEDEX/EMS to your country.


Shipment and Payment

1.We accept West Union, T/T…
2.BY DHL /FEDEX (shipping usually takes 3-5 working days, correct delivery cycles dependent on the country delivered to)
3. BY EMS (normally take 7-15 working days for delivery, Remote area or Customs Clearance reason, it will be a little longer).
4. To sure the items been correctly delivery to you, pls leave the correct shipment information specifically contact phone number


1. For Brazil Customer, pls tell us your tax number (CNPJ NO CPF NO.)
2. The Goods we will demonstrate as "sample” ship to you and with low price value on the Invoice, 
Purpose is to reduce your tariffs, but the prices do not include the destination tariffs, 
Different countries have different customs tariffs, it's on buyer's responsibility.


We provide 1 years warranty for hardware and software is free for lifetime. 


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